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The Gamebook Zine is a collaborative group of authors, artists and all people that enjoy Gamebooks and interactive fiction. We are creating a new magazine bursting with new interactive fiction stories, articles and even the odd review.

The first edition is out NOW! Grab it from here and be sure to check out our facebook group for more information. Fancy giving something back to the community? Check the Ko-Fi page and even consider becoming a subscriber!

Gamebook Zine #1 Spring 2021.
Welcome to the Gamebook Zine - a new magazine released free online and also available for print and kindle.

Now available: Grab the printed version from Amazon (printed) or Kindle, Lulu (printed)or Ko-fi shop(pdf) with two extra mini stories . Looking forward to seeing you inside!

This episode we welcome two main stories: Malivor, Cataclysm's Edge and Gunslinger. Can you defeat the horrors and find your way through?

Mini stories include Worldsend and Catacombs - two 10 page dungeon crawls with a very different theme!

Grab the extended issue for two extra 4 page short games, 'The Invisible Gardener' and 'The Witch's Familiar'. Printed editions also contain the extra short games. 

 Donations towards the  extended issue go directly towards future submissions and contributions such as cover art and running costs <3

See you all in issue #2 coming in June!


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